Silent Hill Producer Tomm Hulett Leaves Konami

Tomm Hulett, best known for working on Silent Hill, Castlevania and Contra and for producing Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Book of Memories and Rocket Knight has left his position of Senior Associate Producer at Konami. Tomm was faced with becoming the creative voice of the series after Team Silent was disbanded and was often met with derision from fans who felt the series had strayed too far from its roots. This was capped off with year that saw two releases in Silent Hill Downpour and the fan-despised, but actually quite good, Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

Fittingly, Hulett has taken the position of Director at Book of Memories developer WayForward Technologies.

It’s unknown whether the Silent Hill franchise’s underwhelming year had anything to do with Tomm’s sudden departure, but hopefully his new position proves to be a better fit.