God of War: Ascension to Feature The Last of Us Demo

Apparently the God of War name isn’t enough to sell a game anymore, that or there are doubts in The Last of Us’ public awareness. SCEA has announced today that the upcoming prequel to the God of War franchise, set for its mid-March launch, will include a demo for one of 2013’s hottest games. No specifics were given on what you can expect play, but you can probably assume that it’ll be what was available at E3 this year, which, having seen first hand, was astonishing.

Oddly enough, even though there’ll be an option in one of the menus, the demo won’t be available right from the get-go. It’s definitely a nice treat from SCEA, especially for anyone highly anticipating The Last of Us’ May release, but will a demo be enough to convince anyone uninterested in God of War: Ascension to pick it up?