Neverwinter Beta Weekends Dated, a Measly $199 Secures You a Spot and a Drow

Dungeons & Dragons is one of gaming’s oldest and most cherished namesakes. From its pure tabletop incarnation to its various forays into the digital world, D&D is held in high regard, and for good reason. While true Dungeons & Dragons is a beast all of its own, many wish to forgo the trials and tribulations of learning such a complex system. Thus, when a new D&D video game is announced, people flock to it, hoping they can finally experience a little bit of the magic that they’ve heard so much about. Unfortunately, it would seem that Dungeons and Dragons isn’t meant to be fully realized in video game form — at least, not according to the titles that have been released in the past.

Sure, there have been some moderately successful video games bearing the franchise’s name, mostly Neverwinter Nights, but on the whole, the tabletop RPG hasn’t found much luck in its transition to the digital arena. Cryptic Studios hopes to change that, though, with their upcoming free-to-play MMO simply entitled, Neverwinter. Based off the legends and lore found in D&D’s most beloved universe, Forgotten Realms, Neverwinter is a hard-hitting MMORPG that looks to be the series first true-to-form video game adaptation.

The worst part about Neverwinter is that details, up and to today, regarding its beta and subsequent release have been minimal at best. Taking note of this, Cryptic Studios finally decided to pull back the curtain on what players can expect from the game going forward from here. There will reportedly be only three beta weekends for both North America and Europe and are as follows: February 8-10, March 8-10 and March 22-24. Do note that interested players can sign up for these betas over at the Neverwinter webpage, however, the chances of getting in through that method are rather thin.

To accommodate this, however, the developers are offering paid incentive packages for those looking to bolster their overall experience with the game, and to secure their spot in said beta weekends. Cryptic has outlined three Founder’s Packs players can choose from, all of which are listed below.

The Founder’s Pack, $19.99 (valued at $49 of virtual goods)

  • ‘Adventurer’s Helper Pack’ containing six different types of in-game items
  • ‘Small Bag of Holding’ for twelve extra inventory slots
  • ‘Amulet of Protection’ item
  • Players purchasing this basic package are not guaranteed a beta spot

The Guardian of Neverwinter Pack, $59.99 (which reportedly includes $149 of in-game items)

  • Three-day head start access to Neverwinter Open Beta
  • Unique ‘Gold Moonstone Mask Regalia’ head piece
  • Unique ‘Armored Horse’ mount
  • Unique ‘Direwolf Companion’
  • In-game and forum ‘Founder’ title

The Hero of the North Founder’s Pack, $199 (with over $549 worth of digital goodness)

  • Five-day head start access to Neverwinter Open Beta
  • Beta Weekend Friend Invite code
  • Exclusive access to ‘Menzoberranzan Renegade’, a Drow playable race like the legendary ranger Drizzt Do’Urden, complete with unique racial abilities and tattoo
  • Unique ‘Armored Spider’ mount
  • Unique ‘Panther Companion’
  • In-game and forum ‘Founder’ title
  • VIP Game Access to skip-the-line and get priority log-in access

If Neverwinter is on your radar, and you’re wanting to stake your claim early, then head on over to the official website to start purchasing those packages. If it means anything, Neverwinter is looking to be a solid game, worthy of the D&D moniker. Perhaps knowing that will help ease the sting of some the prices listed above.