Fuse Pushed to Q2 2013

It has been on my personal anticipation list for quite some time now, but this game just keeps getting pushed. In August of last year, Insomniac Games finally broke their one-year long silence and announced that Overstrike is now known as Fuse and will be released in March of 2013. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case as the Burbank-based studio has confirmed today that Fuse has been pushed from one to three months. This will give Insomniac some extra time to polish up any bugs or issues.

Maybe it’s smarter to remove Fuse from the March bubble as there’s far too many games coming out already. There’s a better than average chance this would have been lost in the shuffle, so for all we know this is the best thing for Fuse. Regardless, get ready for some wild four-player mercenary action sometime between April and June. Take all the time you need as a good game will always be good, and a bad game will always be bad (no matter how many post-release patches come out).