XSEED Teases New Game; Ys and Killer is Dead Possibilities

Late in the day, XSEED tweeted about their intern’s attempts at becoming an editor. As companies are notorious for making their interns do meaningless tasks at the end of the day and interns are notorious for failing at them, we first thought nothing about the accompanying image. After closer inspection, however, it seemed to not be a hazing process but actually a secret tease for a new game: BB5y0U5CAAA2ov2.png-large

While the text is complete gibberish, even by intern standards (we are just not going easy on them today), there’s some interesting aspects that stick out. So let’s speculate! “Killer suit” has us jumping to conclusions and hoping it’s Killer is Dead, while  “large forest” could indicate Ys Celceta. Three elements to the parchment story purposely stand out, however: a bold “I” & “II” and a red “five”. The five could mean the number of games teased in the image, but we doubt XSEED could localize five projects at the same time, so that isn’t likely. The whole thing could be hinting at just one of the aforementioned games and the numbers could be the release date; say Killer is Dead on May 12th. Or, it could simply be a new release of Ys I & II.

That wouldn’t be fun, but XSEED did publish the game on the PSP and a release popped up on Steam’s database recently, which increases its probability. It still doesn’t account for the red “five”, however, unless it’s simply hinting at a release date like February 5th.

We think we’ve gotten the best possibilities outlined, but XSEED has us stumped on this one. Sound off on what you think below.