The Mythical Meloetta Coming Soon

Pokémon Black and White (along with their sequels) have been out on the market for over two years. Before now, we have been given the opportunity to catch every single Pokémon — except Meloetta. Starting March 4 and lasting for a short time, you can visit any GameStop location to receive this legendary pocket monster. It’s about time we can finally complete our Pokédex.

Here’s a little information on Meloetta, the Melody Pokémon. It is able to alter its appearance by using Relic Song, its signature move. In its Aria Forme, Meloetta has long green hair, blue eyes, and is a Normal/Psychic type. After using the attack, which has a chance of putting its opponent to sleep, Meloetta is in its Pirouette Forme. Its hair is now in a fancy brown updo with matching brown eyes and becomes a Normal/Fighting type. In this form, Meloetta becomes the fastest of all fighting-type Pokémon.

meloetta copy

To receive Meloetta, fans need a DS or 3DS, a copy of any Pokémon Black and White game, the in-game Pokédex and no more than 11 Wonder Cards. That means you better make more room on your list for event Pokémon. Details of Meloetta’s move-set and more will be revealed in the coming weeks. With the current chance to obtain Keldeo via Nintendo WFC until February 12 and the upcoming opportunity to catch Meloetta, everyone’s Pokédex will soon be completed! That’s music to our ears.