Alien Breed Remake Launches Next Week for PS3 and Vita

Alien Breed was released 22 years ago for the Amiga and DOS systems, and next week, its enhanced remake hits Sony’s current systems with an HD overhaul and a number of other enhancements. While it’s been available on PSM for a while, this new version includes online and ad-hoc multiplayer for the Vita and both local and online multiplayer for the PS3. Cross-Play and Cross-Buy are in place as well, granting purchasers of the game on one platform the game for free on the other and the ability to carry over save data from one version to the other. The original game’s confusing level layout led to people getting lost, which has led to a map being added to the game, while insufficent ammo and keys to unlock new areas have been fixed up with an in-game shop.

The biggest change in the gameplay lies in it being switched from a basic four-directional shooter to a twin stick shooter — meaning that folks who love twin stick shooters, but perhaps don’t like survival horror games, may very well buy this just to add to their twin stick shooter collection. Early adopters will be rewarded with a 20% discount, bringing the game’s price down to $8 from $10.