Pinball Arcade Takes a Trip to the Twilight Zone Later Today

Rod Serling’s legendary series was known for its twists and turns, and there are a great many of those in the Twilight Zone pinball table – coming to Pinball Arcade later today. Thanks to some help from Roger Sharpe, they were able to set up a deal to get the rights to the license while fans were able to pay for it via Kickstarter. Backers can expect redemption codes within the next couple of days to finally partake in the table that they helped ensure was made. As with everything involving Pinball Arcade, owners of one version, either for the Vita or PS3, have access to the other, along with any DLC purchased – making it one of the better deals on the Vita given how addictive it is, and the developers have really gone the extra mile to ensure that fans get the best possible experience. Next month, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s pinball machine will be released for it as well, and who knows what rights they’ll try to secure before the game is put out to pasture – assuming it ever is.