Tera: Rising Launches Today, is Free-to-Play

The original Tera was released last summer to a lukewarm reaction. Despite having a stellar combat system, the game lacked enough content to warrant its monthly subscription fee. Recognizing the need to bring in new players, and presumably more money, publisher En Masse Entertainment has decided to relaunch the game under a new free-to-play model. Dubbed Tera: Rising, this fee-less MMO has officially gone live as of today.

In celebration of this new milestone, Tera: Rising is launching with new content, servers and a fancy trailer that can be seen below. The in-game content will include a new wave-based dungeon along with a PVP batteground map for some three vs. three competitive goodness.

Chris Lee, CEO of En Masse, had this to say about the game’s launch: “TERA: Rising ushers in a new era in Action MMO gaming where players can dive into a deep MMO with the best action combat in the genre without having to pay a dime.” He went on, “The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and our community is eager to greet a new wave of gamers checking out TERA for the first time. The brand new content is going to be engaging for both the new and existing players alike – creating a fun and dynamic environment we haven’t seen before in TERA.”