Mega Man 2 Now On Nintendo eShop

Don’t worry all you retro gamers, Sony and Microsoft aren’t the only ones receiving some old school Capcom titles. Anyone with a Nintendo 3DS can purchase Mega Man 2 right now for five bucks. Sure you could climb through all the clutter in your basements, attics or closets searching for the actual NES cartridge of the game but that’s too tiring. For the cost of a Subway footlong sandwich (hopefully it’s a foot) you could afford this classic ’80s action game.

Dr. Wily and his army of robots are back and it’s up to the Blue Bomber to stop them. Downloading Mega Man 2 is sure to be a blast from the past. You can even enjoy playing the game with 3D effects turned on or off. So, if you have a spare Hamilton in your wallet why not stop for a sandwich on the way home, download the game from the eShop and enjoy a night indoors.