Square Enix Celebrates Presidents Day With Online Sale

From 2/12 until 2/19, SE’s online store will take 40% off the price of all boxed games. This means that Dead Island: GOTY Edition can be yours for only $12, as can Just Cause 2 and Kane and Lynch 2. The newly-released Hitman Trilogy is only $24, while the latest entry Absolution costs $30. The aforementioned FF XIII will only set you back $12, as will its sequel. If you feel like shooting guns instead of casting spells, then Sleeping Dogs may be more your speed, and will cost you $30. Outside of the Hitman Trilogy and FF XIII games, there aren’t too many amazing deals, although Dead Island GOTY’s price is great, it’s also been that price before. This is probably your best chance to get it at such a low price if you missed out on it during Black Friday sales, though.