Sandy Hook Arcade Center to Open in Newtown, Connecticut

Before December, an arcade opening in Newtown, Connecticut would hardly have been breaking news. In the wake of the tragedy and the ensuing negativity concerning video games, however, it’s quite a bold feat to attempt, and one that parents and long time Newtown residents Andrew Clure and Scott Cicciari hope to accomplish. According to a press release, The Sandy Hook Arcade Center, located in Sand Hill Plaza at 228 South Main Street, will open its doors tomorrow at 1 P.M. A not-for-profit initiative, the arcade will be open after school three days a week and on weekends and be absolutely free for Newtown residents.

“This town is struggling and we really wanted to do something to help. We made some initial phone calls to feel people out and the response was tremendous. Then we knew, we have to give this a shot,” says Andrew. “For us this is not a business, it’s simply our commitment as parents and residents to promote one of the core values in Newtown — family”.

Many from around the community have lent arcade cabinets, pinball machines, Kinects and more to the venture, which hopes to be an outlet to promote positivity within the community. With all of the negativity surrounding video games stemming from the tragedy at Sandy Hook, it’s nice to hear a positive story for once. Those interested can head over to their Facebook page or official website to donate.