Bundle Stars Magic Numbers Bundle Now Available

The Bundle Stars are back with the Magic Numbers Bundle that gives you eight games for roughly $5. The games include The Whispered World, Helldorado, STORM: Frontline Nation, Mata Hari, Cargo! The Quest for Gravity, Crazy Machines: Elements, Crazy Machines 2, and Alter Ego. Whispered World is a point-and-click adventure, while Helldorado is an old West action-strategy game, STORM is a turn-based strategy game, Mata Hari offers up more point-and-click goodness, while Cargo is a 3D puzzle game with some platforming thrown in, while the Crazy Machines offer up physics-contruction puzzles and Alter Ego gives you a murder mystery to wrap your head around. Anyone in the mood for some brain-testing gaming fun should definitely give this bundle a shot, and I’m tempted to pick it up for the Crazy Machines games since I loved the Incredible Machine games so much in school back in the day.