Armored Core: Verdict Day Armors Up This Summer

Mechs are cool, right? Right. Armored Core is a series known for having mechs; by our count, that makes it a cool franchise by default. With Armored Core V being released less than a year ago, it comes as a surprise that Namco Banai have just announced that the next sequel, entitled Verdict Day, will hit North America this coming summer for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Developer FromSoftware will be manning the helm once again, and appears to be focusing on a multiplayer driven experience with this forthcoming installment.

Aside from the usual mechanized combat that fans have grown to love about the Armored Core series, Verdict Day will be introducing a string of new mechanics and modes. The game’s primary draw will be in its capacity to allow players to form squads of up to 20 members and enlist in one of the various in-game factions in order to fight other players for control of territories, in the game’s persistent multiplayer mode. Other fresh features will be implemented as well, such as allowing players, who choose to play alone, to recruit a squad of A.I. controlled mechs and enjoy the robust co-op and multiplayer modes. There will even be a new matchmaking system to take care of any kind balancing/skill level issues between combatants.


Returning veterans will be happy to hear that the coveted Operator Mode will be making a return too, allowing players to strategically command a squad of Armored Core mechs from a tactical, birds-eye point-of-view. Operators will be able to establish rally points, identify targets and receive real-time, in-cockpit views from other players and computer-controlled squad mates to attain ongoing strategic command of the battlefield.

For those making the jump from Armord Core V, they will be carry over save data to experience brand new content with their customized Armored Core from the previous game. Naturally, customization will be a big deal in Verdict Day, as it has been in all previous titles, thus players will have hundreds of parts ranging from guns, armor pieces, shields and boosters, at their disposal. Verdict Day will also reportedly include new customization options that are designed to assist players in synchronizing their mech loadouts with those of other teammates, heightening the team-based, cooperative experience.