Award-Winning ‘The Bridge’ Available Today on Steam

After three long years of development and promotion, The Bridge is finally available on Steam today. Developed by a team of two, Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda, the game has racked up multiple awards at various indie festivals over the past few years. Although it’s a puzzle game, its concept is far more audacious than most, featuring black-and-white gameplay set in the twisting world of M.C. Escher. 48 puzzles are included, featuring gravitational vortexes, gravity manipulations and more violations of the laws of physics. Time can be backtracked to help solve them and an alternate version of the game is unlocked after completion.

Check out a trailer below that shows off the game’s beautiful hand-drawn artwork. Head over here to buy The Bridge on Steam, which can be had for $11.99 until its released, upon which it will raise to $14.99.