‘Hell Yeah!’ Creators Arkedo Studio Will No Longer Produce Games

While Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit was met with mixed critical reception when released last September, there’s no denying that the appeal of its zany characters and gameplay seemed to signal a promising studio in the making — or at least franchise. Unfortunately, however, that is not the case as the co-founder of its French developer, Arkedo Studio, has announced that the company will no longer be producing games. The company has not closed down or gone bankrupt, but no longer employes any staff.

Financial reasons were cited for the cessation in production, with a lack in capital due to no secured project to support their growing team. The company did develop two unreleased and unannounced smaller titles and hopes to release them in the near future. Both founders of the company, Camille Guermonpre and Aurélien Régard, will separately pursue independent gaming projects.

The studio produced eight games in their seven years in existence, including Hell Yeah!, the Arkedo series and Big Bang Mini for the DS