OUYAs Shipping to Kickstarter Backers on 3/28

The newest Kickstarter update, #19 to be specific, indicates that the system is being manufactured ASAP. It also includes some game development information — Airtight Games and Minority Media are working on a game, while Tripwire Interactive is bringing The Ball to OUYA in March.  ChronoBlade is also hitting the system, although no date was announced. In perhaps the most exciting news, Kellee Santiago, co-founder of thatgamecompany has joined the company in a developer relations capacity. As an early backer of the project, we’re excited to get the console and see just what it can do on day one. I don’t expect a ton to be available then since the June launch is the one they’ll really want to nail for regular retail markets.

We’ll have some impressions pieces up on the system itself and the games when we get our console.