Watch: The Evolution of Road to The Show in MLB 13

MLB 13 is no simple “change the number” sport game update. In this case, a new year brings a bevy of new updates with it. Perhaps nothing is more anticipated than the refined Road to the Show mode, allowing for you to take the role of a single player on a baseball field. This year, they wanted the gameplay to better reflect the feeling of actually playing baseball moreso than playing a baseball game. To accomplish this, cameras were completely refined, such as them moving in on an outfielder and up on the ball as you’re trying to catch it, or base running now allowing you to see the ball as it flies out of the park or into an opponent’s glove. Additionally, fielding, calling for pick-offs, a new simulator screen and more have been added.

Check out game designer Kirby St. John describe it all in the video below and catch our review of the game early next week.