Capcom Arcade Cabinet Goes Back to 1985

Let’s take a trip back to a time when many of us were either children or not even in existence yet. The year was 1985 and nothing was hotter than Pete Rose and the Nintendo Entertainment System…at least one of those icons would be known to benefit the future of our world and not gamble on baseball.

But there were some other moments in 1985 that are still significant today. Starting right now, you will be able to purchase and play three classic Capcom arcade titles. Ghosts’n Goblins, one of the most difficult games to feature an underwear-clad knight, is available. Travel the Old West as Billy Bob as he hunts for criminals in Gun.Smoke. Defeat the evil alien empire on board a secret space station in Section Z. These three titles have been dubbed 1985 Game Pack#1 and are available in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace.

Also, if you’re a PlayStation owner and missed out on the first arcade releases from 1987, then you’re in luck because they’ve actually gone down in price. Go check them out and relive all your favorite childhood moments, if you had one at the time.