Lost Planet 3 To Be Released in June

It seems June 25, 2013 is a popular day today as not only has Sega made the announcement that Company of Heroes 2 will be out then, but Capcom is also is assigning it to their upcoming frigid shooter, Lost Planet 3. Originally slated for February and then suddenly pushed back, it feels a little strange to release a Lost Planet game at the beginning of summer considering the setting, but I suppose it’s more of a strategic move on Capcom’s part.

While the second game felt like a step in the wrong direction, we hope Spark Unlimited will be able to fix what Capcom did wrong. Additionally, the official box art has been revealed along with a trailer and pre-order bonuses: Amazon gets you The Punisher Pack, Best Buy is The Assault Pack, and Gamestop is The Freedom Fighter Pack. Don’t you love multi-player specific unlocks as pre-order bonuses? In any case, Lost Planet 3 will be out June 25 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC platforms.