Sony Announces Scott Pilgrim DLC Launch and Free Joe Danger 2 Tomorrow

Sony has released some details on tomorrow’s PSN store update. Joe Danger 2: The Movie joins the Instant Game Collection for PS+ members, while Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Ultimate Edition finally hits and will include the new online multiplayer and Wallace DLC for $12 if you’re a Plus member and $15 if you’re not. Wallace and the multi-player DLC will be $5 on PSN or $4 with PS+.

There will also be a huge sale for Ubisoft games, with regular members getting 30% off and Plus members getting 50% off. This brings some big savings, as Michael Jackson: The Experience and Rayman Origins on the PS3, and Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines on the PSP drop down to $10.  A few games drop to around $13 on the Vita, like Rayman Origins, Asphalt: Injection, and Lumines Electronic Symphony offer up some remarkable savings. All three are must-haves to some degree, with Rayman and Lumines being absolute musts, and Asphalt is a really fun, but flawed racer. This mega sale is only good for a week, so don’t dilly-dally on these deals.