Analogue Interactive Launches $1299+ ‘Black Label’ CMVS Neo Geo Consoles

About a year and a half ago, an upstart named Analogue Interactive begun to make Consolized Neo Geo consoles out of original motherboards and custom wooden enclosures. While CMVS had long been around, never before had they been done so professionally — and by a professional venture. While their price wasn’t exactly low, retailing at $649 for the console and $199 for the arcade stick, the new “Black Label” line is the Ferrari of gaming consoles and blows the notion of the console being intended for the average gamer out of the water.

Retailing for $1299, a Black Label set nets you a Analogue CMVS Slim, Two Analogue Arcade Sticks, Solid Brass Product Tags, S-Video, Composite & Stereo Sound Cable and Power Supply. Separately, the package would run $1050, but that’s with Enbonized Ash Wood. The Black Line allows you to select from a premium wood, including Cherry, Hickory, hard Maple, White Oak, Mahogany, Sapele and more.

For an additional surcharge between $135 and $585, however, an exotic wood (such as Wenge, Ipe, Zebrawood, Curly Maple, Flame Birch, Purpleheart, Cocobolo and more) can be selected.

Incredibly expensive as they are, those who have cash to blow will certainly be treated to a beautiful hand-crafted gaming console. Head over here to view the full price list, here to order and check out images of the $1885 Cocobolo model below: