Steam Week-long Sale Begins

Steam’s newest week-long sale has started, and offers up up to 75% off on some games. Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons and Donuts is down to $2.50, Binary Domain plummets to $6.24 down from $25, Cities XL Platinum is $25 from $33, Lucious is $8.50 from $25, Monday Night Combat is $2.50 down from $5, Disciples III: Gold Edition is $7.50 down from $30, Jagged Alliance 2 Gold is $5 down from $20, while The Secret World is $22.50 down from $30, and offers the smallest amount of savings of anything. Monday Night Combat and Binary Domain are easily the biggest recommendations here, as MNC is a really fun shooter, and Binary Domain has gotten fairly high marks since its release. At barely over $5, it’s hard to not take a chance on it.