Week-Long Indie Spring Sale Starts on Steam

With PAX coming up, it’s a big week for indie gaming, and Steam is celebrating with an indie spring sale. The featured games on sale are the Legend of Grimrock and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams being $7.50 each down from $15, while Half-Minute Hero goes to $3.39 from $10, Castle Crashers is $9, and 100000000 is $3.34 from $5. IGF finalists on sale beyond Castle Crashers include Braid for $4, Darwinia for $2.50, Samarost2 for $1.50, Weird Worlds for $7.50, Gish for $2.50, and Everyday Shooter for $2.50. PAX East sale games include EDGE for $2.71, The Wonderful End of the World for $2.50, Snapshot for $5, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack for $2, Organ Trail for $4, Capsized for $3, Slam Bolt Scrappers for $9, Droid assault for $3.39, Awesomenauts for $5, Go Home Dinosaurs for $9, Containment for $2, They Bleed Pixels for $3.39, and Guns of Icarus Online for $5.


There are some incredible deals here. Giana Sisters is well worth buying as long as you’ve got a powerful enough PC to run it, while Castle Crashers and Braid are must-have indie games if you don’t already have them. Awesomenauts is a super-enjoyable platformer/shooter, and They Bleed Pixels is a highly-stylized precision platformer that is sure to please anyone who loved Super Meat Boy.