Huge Xbox Live Sale Starts Next Week

Major Nelson has reported that a huge Xbox Live sale is coming next week that will drop the prices on a number of Games on Demand and some DLC. There are dozens of items on sale, but the biggest ones include the first episode of the Walking Dead game being free, while the other four episodes are only 200 MS points each. Hitman Absolution also gets a GoD price drop to $20 – marking the lowest price yet for a console version of the game. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man 3 will each be $15, while LA Noire and all of its DLC will be half-off.

Just Cause 2 will be $10, while Dead Rising 2 will be $15 and its DLC will either be 50% or 60% off depending on what you’re looking for. Midnight Club: LA is $10, while its DLC is at least 50% off, with one piece amusingly being 52% off. The Walking Dead sale springs to mind as an immediate must-buy for those missed out on prior sales for it. None of the GoD deals are all that amazing except for Absolution, which will probably be about that price new in a few months given the frequent sales on it.