GDC ’13: Dragons and Titans (and Fire) — OH MY!

MOBA games have become a big deal over the past few years, and now they’re about to be taken to the skies. Dragons and Titans — Wyrmbyte’s debut effort — features a slew of dragons at the disposal of players with the end game being to fight bosses called titans — easily explaining the game’s simplistic title. D&T’s gameplay revolves around five versus five battles, but will also support co-op and even single player gameplay if you so desire. There are 17 dragons to choose from with 16 weapons available. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new abilities and skills to improve your dragon’s skills and the more you use a certain weapon, the stronger it will get as weapons have a leveling up feature built into them that rewards time spent with each weapon type.


Right now, Dragons and Titans looks great, with some impressive lighting effects, water effects, and realistic-looking textures on the dragons and titans themselves. It’s easy to see that a lot of care went into making this look great and the most amazing thing about the high-quality graphics is the platform the game’s being released on — Facebook. It’s astonishing to think that graphics with this level of detail are going to be available in a Facebook game of all things, but here we are.


From what’s been shown of Dragons and Titans so far, it looks like a must-play for anyone who loves the usually action-packed MOBA genre, and may be a great gateway MOBA game for console fans who love dragon-based shooters like Panzer Dragoon, since this gives you some of that same kind of action in a different way. Dragons and Titans hits Facebook in late April, with other platforms getting it later. No specific platforms beyond Facebook have been announced, but with MOBA games starting to hit consoles with releases like Guardians of Middle-Earth on the PS3, it seems like a logical progression for the game — or maybe OUYA since it’s set up to be very indie-friendly.