Groupees Retro Bundle Now Available

The fine folks at Groupees have something a bit different in store for folks today. Instead of the usual build-a-bundle setup, they’ve got a retro-themed one that gets you four games for $1, or seven for $3, along with a bonus album once 3,000 bundles are sold. $1 gets you the zombie shooter Dead Pixels, the call center sim Smooth Operators, the adventure game Forceline, and a JRPG-inspired game in teh form of Sylia. $2 more gets you a Contra-esque 8-Bit Commando, a gorgeous overhead adventure with a relaxing soundtrack in Anodyne, and the action platformer Bleed.

The 3,000 sale bonus is Chipocrite’s “Hit and Run” album in a special edition with tracks that haven’t been made available before. $3 seems worth the price of just Anodyne, or really all of the games except perhaps Forceline which doesn’t really seem special in any way based on the clips on their page. Everything else looks well worth a purchase though, so spend generously on this bundle.