First In-Game Footage of J-Stars Victory Vs. is Shown Off in Newest Commercial

The upcoming cross-over fighter from Namco Bandai, J-Stars Victory Vs., is fast approaching in the Land of the Rising Sun. Though there hasn’t been much talk of a Western release right now, fans of all things anime and manga have surely been following the title closely; after all, this is a compilation fighter that includes the various namesakes from Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. As a result, characters from Naruto, Dragonball, One Piece and a variety of other well-known series will be making appearances and duking it out for bragging rights in the forthcoming brawler. Up and to now, though, actual in-game footage has been kept hush-hush. Fortunately, Namco Bandai has pulled the curtain back on this aspect of the game in their latest commercial, showing off what players can expect when they get their hands on the game.

J-Stars Victory Vs. is set for a PlayStation 3 and Vita release later this year. Be sure to check out latest trailer below for all that anime fighting goodness.