Indie Royale Spring Sun Bundle Released

The Indie Royale bundle is back with some top-level games for very little money. For the current minimum of $5.28, you can get Knytt Underground, Monday Night Combat, The Real Texas, SATAZIUS, and Gentrieve 2 along with OSTs for that and The Real Texas. Spend $8 or more to get the Adventures in Pixels album by Ben Landis. MNC and SATAZIUS activate on Steam, while everything else activates on Desura and is avaible as a DRM-free download for PC, and in the cases of KU, TRT, and Gentrieve 2, on Mac as well.

KU is an outstanding-looking and playing 2D platformer with a unique visual style, while Monday Night Combat is a fairly light-hearted FPS, and The Real Texas is an overhead action/adventure that looks a bit like an 3/4 overhead Legend of Zelda game with cel shading.¬†SATAZIUS is a 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up with lush visuals and a whole bunch of stuff blowing up. It’s also got a pretty catchy OST judging by the trailer on the bundle page.¬†Gentrieve 2 is a 3D Metroid-style adventure with kind of a high-res PS1 graphic style that seems to work fairly well for the environments. KU and Monday Night Combat easily make this worth the minimum, while The Real Texas and SATAZIUS look quite good as well. Gentrieve 2 looks like a bit of an oddball, but does seem fun for when you’re in an exploratory gaming mood.