New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer Contains Magitek Nostalgia, is Awesome

Square-Enix’s revamped Final Fantasy XIV is almost here. The game is currently in its second closed beta phase, and with only two more to go after that, fans’ excitement is reaching critical mass. To further tantalize us, however, the development team behind A Realm Reborn has treated us to a special little trailer complete with, wait for it… Magitek Armor mounts. That’s right, the famed armor from Final Fantasy VI has finally been shown off in full-motion. Although most of us following the game have known of its inclusion for quite some time now, it’s been kept a secret how the whole thing will look when animated — that is, until today.

Before dishing out the teaser, Square-Enix joked that producer (and community proclaimed Final Fantasy XIV savior) Naoki Yoshida gave the event planner that created the video three guidelines to follow:

  • There must be three riders
  • They must be traversing a snowy mountain trail
  • The girl must look like a former imperial soldier suffering from amnesia who is being controlled by the Empire with a Slave Crown

That comment makes Yoshi-P even more awesome than he already is. But enough of all this chatter and Yoshida-gushing; let’s get to the video already!