Twisted Pixel Bundle Gives You 4 Games For the Price of 1

Twisted Pixel is one of XBLA’s most revered developers, and the new Twisted Pixel Games Bundle brings four of them together for 800 MS points. This means that $10 gets you the amazing Splosion Man and Ms. Splosion Man, the slightly-less amazing The Maw, and the really funny, but repetitious, Comic Jumper. Each game in the bundle goes for 800 points on its own, making this an outstanding value. Just the Splosion Man games are worth that cost, and The Maw is well worth having, while Comic Jumper’s got one of the funniest soundtracks you’ll hear this gen and some tremendous dialog exchanges. If you’re into zany games, this bundle is for you. It’s a limited time offer, so jump on it (preferably while not exploding) ASAP.