Newest Steam Week-Long Sale Begins

The newest Steam week-long sale has begun, and drops the prices of thirteen games from a variety of genres and a photo app. The Stronghold Collection goes from $20 to $5, while the FPS Chrome is only $1.24 down from $5, while the photography program CameraBag 2 is $9 from $14. Airline Tycoon 2 is $5 from $20, and offers up a light-hearted sim experience for airplane fans. Fans of vertical shooters should check out Razor2: Hidden Skies, which goes from $10 down to $2.50 and delivers a very modern-looking shooter with a classic sensibility. Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends drops 33% from $30 down to $20, Demolition Inc. is $4.86 down from $6.50, offering up a very minimal savings over the usual price.

Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny drops 75% from $20 to $5, Bad Rats is a notoriously awful game, so avoid it even though it’s only $1.24. Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can is an adventure game available for $4.75 down from $14. AI War: Fleet Command is a space game that looks kind of boring, but is down to $2.50 from $10. Tidalis is a simplstic-looking puzzle game for $1.24 from $5, while the platforming series A Valley Without Wind is available as a dual pack with both games in the series for only $3.74, down from $15, and looks like a great pickup for any platforming fans. Finally, Shattered Haven, and environmental puzzle game is $2.50 down from $10.