Indie Royale Debut 2 Bundle Launched

The Indie Royale bundle has returned with its second ‘debut’ offerings. For the current minimum of about $4.20, you can get Croixleur, an action game akin to Devil May Cry, but with a dazzling anime visual style, the Punch Out-esque Beast Boxing Turbo, the 3D space shooter Dawnstar, the overhead RPG Battlepaths, the action platformer/shooter Out There Somewhere, and the old school Zelda-esque Diehard Dungeon. For $8, you can get all of this and The Reality Chipmusic Love Industry album.

Every game in this bundle is greenlit for Steam, with all of them also activating on Desura, and Out There Somewhere including its full OST, while Battlepaths and Beast Boxing Turbo include a sampling of in-game songs. There’s also a bonus mystery game that will be made available at some point in the future. There’s a ton of variety here, but based on the trailer, the best offerings seem to be Diehard Dungeon, Croixleur, and Out There Somewhere – making it an easy bundle to throw some money at.