Groupees Build a Greenlight 2 Bundle Launched

The second Build a Greenlight Bundle allows you to pick and choose which games to buy, and if they’re greenlit on Steam, you’ll get Steam keys for them in addition to the DRM-free downloads provided on the site. You can choose from Darkout, a 2D side-scroller akin to Terraria, but with a really dark color scheme. Grimind is a 2D physics-based platformer with a really sharp graphical design highlighted by extreme use of color, while Ichi is a simplistic-looking puzzler with complex use of objects being required to solve the puzzles. Gravi is side-scrolling puzzle/platformer with a ball being your main mode of transportation, and means to solve the puzzles.

Little Racers Street is a top-down 3/4 isometric view racer ala RC Pro Am or RC De Go that is great for fans of the genre, and also available on XBLIG and PSN. Enamel is a side-scrolling action-shooter along the lines of Contra, but with a darker color scheme. Crow is a 3D adventure game with gorgeous graphics and some really nice wing flapping animations for the title character. Draconian Wars is an online card game, while DRM — Death Ray Manta — is a super-bright and colorful twin stick shooter. Everything in the bundle but Crow, DRM, and Enamel activates on Desura.

20% of all donations go to help Kaedyn Ballow, a two year old with leukemia, and once 15,000 bundles are sold, you’ll get a copy of Diamonds Under Fire’s self-titled album. The first two games in the bundle will cost you $1.50, while additional ones can be added with incremental price increases. If you’d like to get everything, that will only cost you as little as $5.25, and both DRM and LRS are worth that much.