Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection Announced For PS3

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year and a half since the Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection hit consoles, and nearly a year since it was released on the Vita, because in just two months, another MGS collection will hit stores. In June, and presently only for the PS3, players will be able to enjoy Metal Gear Solid 1 and its VR Missions, MGS 2: HD, MGS 3: HD — which includes the original MSX versions of Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 — MGS: Peace Walker HD, and MGS 4: Trophy Edition. No price has been announced, and no announcement was made as to which version of MGS 1 will be included. Since nothing has been noted about the GC remake Twin Snakes specifically being used, it seems like they’ll just go with the PS1 original, which is definitely a classic, but far from the best-looking or best-sounding version of the game.

Still, its exclusion did make the original MGS HD Collection seem incomplete, so it’s good to have it hear. It’s easy to see buyers of that set feeling a bit ripped off – maybe less so on the 360 since this isn’t coming to that platform. However, I see this set as more of a God of War Collection-style release from Sony, where you’re waiting quite a bit of time for the convenience of getting all of the games in one package. MGS 1 has been available on the PS3 and PSP for nearly four years now, so it isn’t like it’s been hard to find, while MGS 4 has been $10 or less pretty much everywhere for years as well — and the trophy patch can just be downloaded if you buy that game in a store now. Owners of the HD collection most likely already own those things, and if not, then they can just sell that off now while it’s still worth a bit of money and put that towards this.