Unreal Indie Bundle Launches on Steam

A brand new Steam-only bundle has launched with a ton of savings for folks who are interested in the games, but haven’t yet picked them up. For $20, you The Unreal Indie Bundle gets you Dungeon Defenders, Primal Carnage, QUBE, Sanctum, The Ball, Unmechanical, and Waves. This gives you a fairly wide variety of games, with puzzle/platforming in The Ball, Geometry Wars-style play with Waves, while Unmechanical is a stunning side-scrolling platformer. Primal Carnage is an FPS, while Sanctum is an FPS/tower defense game; Dungeon Defenders is a blend of tower defense and an action RPG, and QUBE is a 3D puzzler. It’s slightly disappointing that the bundle has a flat price, but it’s still savings of $60 if you’re interested in the games, and they’re all fairly well-regarded and worth $20 if some of them interest you.