New GTA V Trailer Highlights Michael, Franklin, and Trevor

In this multi-trailer trailer, Michael is shown as a middle-aged father going through a crisis, in part caused by his family, and perhaps their almost-lewd exercise routines. He’s also got a shrink, a penchant for throwing tantrums on the golf course, driving fast, and bank robbery. Franklin is a young gangster trying to get out of the game, which means taking in as many strip clubs as possible. He’s also got an outfit that bears a resemblance to Axel Foley’s getup in Beverly Hills Cop. Trevor is a bit older than Michael, but also has a shrink, loves planes, threatening guys with jumper cables, and carjacking.  He may also list climbing buildings in his underwear as a special skill. There’s a short scene in his vignette showing a guy dressed in ICP-style stuff, so anyone who’s ever wanted to destroy a Juggalo may get their chance here.

GTA V hits on September 17, and it’s hard to believe that one of this gen’s most-anticipated games is less than five months away.