First 4 Figures Polls Fans For Next Sega Statue

Sega All-Stars fanatics who have longed for one of their favorite underrated characters to be modeled into a fresh, aesthetically crafted statue can now consider themselves in luck, as one of the most relevant fan-made video game statue vendors is looking for them to vote for they should make next.

The head honchos at First 4 Figures, a team dedicated in modeling video game characters into neat looking statues and selling them on their website, has recently took the forums urging fans to vote on which character from Sega All-Stars franchise they should model next. The character with the most votes will be crowed the winner and of course will be modeled down to small, extremely detailed pieces.

The poll is tremendously huge, with choices ranging from Ulala from “Space Channel  5” to Bayonetta. F4F is also open to other character suggestions and are even looking for more ideas on how the statue should look. At the moment, votes are high between NiGHTS from “NiGHTS into Dreams” and Lan Di from “Shemune.”

The statues usually sold on the F4F are exquisitely detailed, each standing between 8 and 12 inches tall. They’re also not cheap, with price ranges going from $170 to $250.

No word from the statue makers yet on when the polls will close or when they’ll decide on a winner.  The only thing we can be certain of, however, is that F4F is looking to make these polls a recurring thing after having Ryo from “Shemune” crafted down.