Launch Trailer for LEVEL-5’s Guild02 The Starship Damrey Released

LEVEL-5’s “Guild” anthology has been home to some interesting games. Aero Porter, for instance, was a game about sorting luggage. The first North American release from follow-up Guild02 , The Starship Damrey, continues that tradition as a tutorial-less, hint-less survival horror game. Players awaken from cold sleep on a starship with no memory of who they are or why they are there and must discover the truth. The launch trailer is non-traditional, featuring Game Designer, Kazuya Asano, and writer, Takemaru Abiko, explaining the game for more than half of it with gameplay appearing at about the one-minute mark.

Available now on the 3DS eShop, those who own any of the previous Guild releases (Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter or Crimson Shroud) from the eShop will receive exclusive “linked content,” including a special scenario providing more insight into the ship, unlocked at the end of the game.