Get $10 in Microsoft Store Credit For Registering E-Mail Address

The Microsoft Store was a haven for sales during the most recent Black Friday sale, and now, MS is giving you $10 in credit for it if you register your e-mail address for info on when the Xbox One will be available for pre-ordering. The credit is good until June 9, and while that won’t allow you to snag any BF deals this year, it will let you get Tomb Raider for $20 since it’s $30. You could also use it to pre-order GTA V for $50, or get Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for $20. If you’re in more of a shooting mood instead of slicing, Black Ops 2 would also be $20. There are some pretty good deals available now thanks to this credit, so check the store from now until the deal ends to get the best deal for you.