Xbox One Features Detailed

The interface of the Xbox One looks very similar to the current one with a few changes. A trending tab was added to show what’s popular on the Xbox and the ability to watch TV (including The Price is Right!). By spreading your hands, the Kinect will bring you back to the home screen instantly. With Snap Mode, multiple modes can be swapped between. With your cell phone, you can can control aspects of the screen. With Skype in the mode, video chats with multiple people can be conversed with as videos or games are played in the background. Another feature that was shown is the ability to pop up a tab to see your Fantasy Basketball scores as live basketball is behind it in the background. The Xbox will have 8GB of ram, USB 3.0, a Blu-ray drive and more. A new Kinect sensor will be paired with every Xbox One, which measures in miliseconds how long it takes photons to bounce off you, and captures video in 1080p. More joints will be recognized, including the transfer of weight to one leg to another and slights turns of the wrist. It can even read your heartbeat.

The new controller will have Wi-Fi direct radio stack, feedback to be programmed directly into the trigger and a totally redesigned d-pad. As far as Xbox Live is concerned, while 15,000 servers currently power Xbox live, more than 300,000 servers will power the service now.