Steven Spielberg Bringing Halo to TV

The legendary director and producer has been placed in charge of the transitioning Halo from video game to a live action television series. It was all announced during the Xbox One reveal as you can’t have Xbox without Halo. The man has three Academy Awards and Halo as a franchise has numerous Game of the Year winnings. This isn’t Spielberg’s first involvement with games. He’s actually the creator of the Medal of Honor series and worked on the award-winning Wii game, Boom Blox. Also, this isn’t Halo’s first run at live action. They do have an award-winning web series — Forward Unto Dawn.

Microsoft has been pushing the Xbox One’s ability to become the future of television. This Halo series is said to be part of the console’s original line-up. For years there has been talk of an actual feature film and at one point Spielberg had been considered to lead production. 343 Industries may have just felt it best to scale it down but still have big names attached. There is no word yet on any story, actors or villains for the show but with eight titles to pick from, there will be plenty of room to choose from them all. The biggest question now is, who will play Master Chief?


You can’t go wrong by combining the two iconic names in entertainment, though. We’re expecting big things and this will give us a new game related show to watch besides Defiance. Perhaps it will become Microsoft’s greatest accomplishment involving the Xbox One, for now. It wasn’t the most important piece of news from the event but could turn out to be the best.