PS Store Update Goes Live

This week’s PS Store update is up a bit earlier than the day than usual, and includes some new timed trials and addition to the instant game collection. Both Fuse and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time get a free timed trial, while the Vita version of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend doesn’t just feature an absurd title, but gives Vita owners something to be dazzled by. Hamilton’s Great Adventure is 50% off, making it only $2.50 for Plus users and $5 for regular ones, while Draw Slasher for the Vita is $6 and goes down to $4.19 for Plus members. A Germinator bundle gets you the PS3 and Vita versions for $6 if you’re Plus, or you can pay $6 for just PS3 version if you’re Plus — so there’s no reason to get anything but the bundle if you’re Plus. Sleeping Dogs leaves the instant game collection on June 1, which is also when the discounted Darkstalkers Resurrection and Super Puzzle Fighter II bundle goes away.