Ubisoft Teases E3 2013 Press Conference

Despite Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO, not saying a single word through the entire teaser video, he receives multiple short messages from none other than Aisha Tyler. If you didn’t watch the developer’s E3 press conference last year, Aisha hosted the event and was by far (and I mean to a significant degree) the best host Ubisoft ever had. Well it looks like that’s going to continue into this year as it’s implied that she will be back once again.

While this teases Ubisoft at E3, it doesn’t really give any details or hints towards the games being show. Regardless, hearing the comical antics of Aisha Tyler is more than worth the watch. The press conference will be on Monday June 10 at 3PM PST, and expect minute-to-minute coverage from us.