Playstation 4 Embraces The F2P Model

This entire console generation has been missing out on the latest trend: free-to-play games. The model has been implemented into many games as of late, even more so in MMOs, and it has been a surprising hit for some. Sony is looking to embrace the model with their upcoming console as they have announced that three already existing titles will be headed to the next-generation platform.

Digital Extreme’s Warframe, resembling that of the first current-gen game ever revealed, has been out for a couple months now, but it’s looking to expand on to the PS4. SOE’s PC exclusive Planetside 2 will also be making the transition, alongside its brother, DC Universe Online. There’s nothing like picking up a console and realizing you have access to multiple free games that are completely worth your time (at least I can personally say that about Planetside 2). No official release dates have been announced, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up within the console’s launch window.