Watch Us Stream Time and Eternity All Week Long

If there’s one game on NIS’ upcoming slate without a “dis” or “gaea” in it’s name that has us giddy with anticipation, it’s Time and Eternity. Not only does that game offer beautiful animation and cutscenes, but features one of the more intriguing JRPG storylines to come along in a long time. On Toki’s wedding day, her soon to be husband is suddenly assassinated. Toki’s evil alter ego Towa appears and the two go through time to avenge the death of their beloved now dead husband.

Yeah, it sounds like a hoot. Although the game doesn’t come out in the U.S. until July 16, we’ll be streaming the game from the beginning all of this week leading up to E3. Make sure to favorite our Twitch channel to get notified whenever we go live.

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