LocoCycle Announced to be Xbox One Launch Title

Remember LocoCycle, that game with the intelligent Knight Rider-esque motorcycle that drags the guy behind it? It was pretty ridiculous — so much so that we had to play it — but such proved impossible with no playable builds at PAX and little information since it was announced. We now know why the game has been so slow to update, however, as developer Twisted Pixel has announced that LocoCycle will be an Xbox One launch title.

That’s right: we’ll have Quantum Break, Fable IV and LocoCycle. Even though that has such a nice ring to it, Twisted Pixel will also still be making an Xbox 360 version. The One version is said to take advantage of the new hardware by running at 1080p at 60fps, but this is LocoCycle so, you know, keep your expectations in check.

To celebrate, a reveal trailer was released: