PS4 Set To Debut Below $400 According To Analyst

Remember the last time around when Sony shot themselves in the foot with the mind-numbingly stupid decision to price the PS3 at over $600 dollars? Well according to Sterne Agee, the company will have learned from their mistakes by pricing the PS4 at under $400 dollars, and cheaper than the Xbox One. It could very well have been Sony’s initial ludicrous pricing of the PS3 that caused them to be the loser in this last console war; that being said, it seems that Agee is counting on them to learn from their mistakes. There’s little doubt that most gamers would be more than happy to invest in a PS4 at such a price, yet it remains to be seen whether Sony decide to follow predictions. Meanwhile we’ll all be waiting with baited breath for them to make it known to the public just where they stand when it comes to pricing