E3 2013: Final Fantasy XV Will Not be a PS4 Exclusive

When news broke earlier about Versus XIII being rebranded under the XV subtitle, fans immediately assumed the game was going to be a PS4 exclusive. During Square Enix’s conference, which is taking place right this second, the studio broke the news that the fifteenth installment in their coveted franchise will not be an exclusive, and will indeed come to Microsoft’s new system in addition to PlayStation 4. We can already hear a collective cry being let out by Sony fans everywhere; but fret not, Sony loyalists, as the X1 iteration will be a port. So rest soundly knowing you’ll more than likely get the better version. That being said, it would appear both versions will be running in Direct X 11, so the differences between the two, at least from a graphical standpoint, may be negligible.

We do wonder, though, what this news might mean for Square’s other big series, Kingdom Hearts. Does it stay Sony-locked, or has Microsoft finagled its release on their system as well?