OUYA Giveaways on Amazon, New Emulators in Storefront

Amazon did a giveaway for two OUYA console/controller packs yesterday, and they’ve got a second giveaway going on now. All you have to do is send an e-mail to gamerlove@amazon.com with “Oh yeah I want that OUYA!’ in the subject line. The 500th and 1,000th person will get the prize pack. Those in the LA area may want to hit up the OUYA Park setup outside of E3. Beyond having police presence due to the ESA having an issue with the company being so close by, the company has done what they can to build up interest in the platform with some giveaways there – at least according to the OUYA Forum fansite.

Folks who obtain a system through those means, or purchase one at launch on June 25 may be interested to know that many new emulators were added to the Sandbox portion of the storefront today. This update gave the system another NES emulator, as well as its first GBC, GBA, NGPC, Neo-Geo, MSX, and Atari 2600 emulators. While piracy is of course the first thing people think of with emulators, these also give you a chance to enjoy a lot of homebrew games that take advantage of older tech in some interesting ways. The GBA, for example, never got a Lumines games, but did get a homebrew inspired by in the form of Gleam that brings some of that same fun to different hardware.